Sustainability is on top of SAP’s agenda and directly links to its purpose of helping the world run better and improving people’s lives. Because climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time, SAP is committed to take much-needed climate action and become carbon-neutral in its own operations by the end of 2023. As the first German company, SAP has been pursuing a SBTi-certified, science-based climate target since 2017, and was amongst the first movers to align it with limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

To achieve its climate goals, SAP will significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and support customers to do the same. The greatest strength of the software company lies in its ability to help its customers to understand and minimize the greenhouse gas footprint of their products and operations along their value chains through offerings such as the Climate 21 program and carbon neutral cloud solutions. Within its operations and practices, SAP follows the carbon mitigation hierarchy: avoid, reduce, compensate. Only if emissions cannot yet be avoided or reduced does SAP compensate a share of its emissions.

Long-term investments, holistic value creation, ecosystem restoration, and cross-sector collaboration are important parts of SAP’s compensation strategy. Therefore, the company has invested in the Livelihoods Carbon Funds (LCF) and their high-quality carbon credits since 2012. In close collaboration with rural communities and partners across the world, these funds realize valuable projects that enable sustainable development and environmental benefits. For example, in Indonesia and India, mangrove forests are being restored which can provide a wealth of functions to the environment and people such as carbon dioxide capture, improved water quality, habitat provision to a wide array of wildlife, and related income opportunities for rural communities. As a global company, SAP is uniquely qualified to invest in climate action and ecosystem restoration, and encourages others to join the global movement.

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