Through its business activities worldwide and its Foundation, Eurofins is an ESG enabler, helping many other corporations, organisations and governments test and improve their environmental and social impact and working to contribute to protecting the environment and furthering global health and safety. 

Eurofins believes that its global footprint represents an opportunity to have a long-lasting positive impact on the environment and society and wants to embrace this opportunity by championing ESG initiatives which work towards a more sustainable future. As part of this commitment, the Group pledged to reduce its carbon footprint across its core activities, starting many carbon emissions reduction programmes and continuing to make progress towards its target of becoming carbon neutral by 2025. Furthermore, it created the Eurofins’ Foundation to support sustainable projects aimed at protecting the environment, improving health and nutrition, promoting diversity and inclusion and supporting students, specifically targeting underprivileged and underrepresented populations globally. In 2020, Eurofins trebled the Foundation’s budget, selecting for support 76 initiatives, almost twice as many as in 2019. Recipients include universities and research institutes as well as NGOs and non-profit organisations whose objectives are aligned with those of the Foundation. 

As part of this strategy, Eurofins decided in 2019 to invest in the Livelihoods Funds to support sustainable projects with strong long-term social and environmental value creation. Through its investments in Livelihoods Carbon Fund 2 and 3 (LCF2 and LCF3), Eurofins’ ambition is to generate positive impact by reducing its net carbon footprint, acting in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and compensating for CO2 that cannot be eliminated in business operations. This partnership is the first of its kind at Group level and Eurofins is very much looking forward to a successful collaboration with the Livelihoods Funds over the next two decades.