A public-owned limited company, French Mailing company Le Groupe La Poste is held by two shareholders: the French government (73%) and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (26%). France’s biggest local commercial network, La Poste welcomes 1.3 million customers daily to its 17,100 retail outlets nationwide. As a local service provider with a strong regional presence, Le Groupe La Poste has expanded its offering to tie in with major societal changes, including ecological transitions, digital transformation, e-commerce development and an ageing population.

Le Groupe La Poste also continues to carry out four public service missions: delivering mail six days a week, ensuring banking services for all, contributing to regional planning with its postal coverage and transporting and delivering press.

Clearly committed to neutralizing the environmental damages associated with its mailing and packaging businesses through a dual approach to reducing its carbon emissions. With reduction efforts aiming to cover its entire supply chain, including processing, transportation, and distribution., the Group has in addition decided to offset its emissions by supporting high quality programs. It joined the Livelihoods Carbon Funds in 2012.

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