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You can reach us at our secretariat physical address below;
  • Plot 27 Nakasero Road,
  • 1st Floor, Uganda NationalFarmers’ Federation Building, Nakasero, Kampala
  • +256392-833-315,
  • +256787590654
  • Mon - Sat: 8:00 - 17:00

+256 392-833-315

Contact us for any information you can't find on our website or engagements with us.

Charlie_Kemi "On the issue of calling the law genetic engineering vs. Bio-safety; it should be noted that genetic engineering is……

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ScienceAlly Despite halting Bt cotton, Burkina Faso hasn't rejected rejected biotech. Work is under way on #GMO cowpea and ster……

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henryimiller Organic agriculture is a colossal hoax:…. And the federal government is a co-conspirator.

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Address :

Plot 27 Nakasero Road, 1st Floor, Uganda National Farmers’ Federation Building, Nakasero, Kampala

Phone :



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